C3XP Cleaning Companion Cart, Hillyard HIL99238
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C3XP Cleaning Companion Cart, Hillyard HIL99238

The C3XP pioneered a new concept in touch free cleaning. Reduced operating pressure and water consumption provides customers with a safer, greener, lower impact alternative to legacy restroom cleaning systems. Less water means less chemical. Lower pressure provides greater safety to cleaning staff as well as the surfaces you are cleaning. With reduced water usage, demand for recovery dramatically changes.


C3XP Standard Unit comes with the following:

C3XP Unit w/ Battery

Mr. Long Arm Ext. Pole

18 inch C3 Squeegee

Maid Caddy

C3XP Utility Bag w/Pivot Arm

Portable Battery Charger



Footprint:  18in x 18in

Height: 42in

Dry Weight:  60 lbs.

Hose Length: 17 ft.

Water Capacity: 10.1 U.S. gallons

Wand Pressure: 100 psi

Pump Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm

Pump Size Max rated:   1.5 gpm, 150 psi

Power: Sealed maintenance-free battery, Inline fused, 12V, 18 Amp Hours, 4 hours continuous pump run-time

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